How to install SSL (Let’s Encrypt) for the HestiaCP admin panel

When you go to panel url with port 8083 — you can see SSL error in your browser.

Here’s what you can do to fix that:

1. If you don’t have WEB domain — add WEB Domain in panel. I will use my domain for example.

2. Go to WEB domain edit which one uses for panel:

Hestiacp add ssl to panel step 1

3. Enable SSL certificate for domain:

Hestiacp add ssl to panel step 2

4. Connect to your server over SSH.

5. Get information for changing hestia-nginx config. Copy full path to certificate and key for you domain, for example, I have this path:


And I’ve this files in current directory:

6. Open file in your favorite text editor:


7. Change parameters for hestia-nginx server:

server {
    ssl_certificate      /home/codebe/conf/web/;
    ssl_certificate_key  /home/codebe/conf/web/;

8. Restart HestiaCP (it’s working for Debian 11):

service hestia restart

9. Well done!